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Wellness Warrior Campaign

Wellness Warrior Campaign

The Wellness Warriors campaign was launched as part of the inaugural Masters Indigenous Games in 2018. The campaign, the brainchild of master marketer, Abidah Shirazi, focused on positive Indigenous adult role models and their athletic and other (good) health related pursuits.

In addition to introducing positive role models to the greater community, young, old, Indigenous and non-, the campaign actively combats the often pervasive, negative stereotypes of Indigenous people that exist.

By focusing on healthy adults, the campaign showcases the benefits of good health practices and as an adjunct, aims to force community members to take stock and to pause to reflect on their own lifestyle choices. In our view, more healthy adults = more healthy kids.

We were truly honoured to design the campaign and all campaign elements with Abidah and the ‘Warriors’. It is incredibly inspiring to see just how many ‘wellness warriors’ are out there. We trust the numbers will continue to grow and very much look forward to the campaign’s evolution for Masters 2021 and 2023.